Angelika Geronymaki (1986) studied to be a director at the Centre of Theatre in Rotterdam, after she studied Arts and cultural sciences at the Erasmus University. She is the artistic leader of theatre group 'Waan', where she makes plays, gives workshops and organizes visits to other plays. During the time she was a student, she used to be a RISK member! Last year she came back as a director and made a play called 'Eigenheimer' together with her group actors; a dark fairytale based on Hansel and Gretel, the fairytale it was based on, and the philosophical book 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' written by Nietzsche. In Angelika's group making the play starts from the research that is done by and with the group. As an actor you are therefor involved in the making-proces.  We work with images and a big part in this is movement, mime and the fysical aspect. This year we wil also work with an existing story, that will be abstraced and deconstructed. Piece by piece we will take it apart and find a theatrical form. How do we give scenes, emotions en from there the whole play a form? We work with a combination of existing text an improvisation and will work fysically als well. Expect hyper-active rehearsals, where you are either on the floor or thinking with me.