party committee

This is where the party's at! As a member of the party committee you and your fellow committy members (and the board member, of course) are going to let your creativity loose on the craziest parties! Think of a weird costume party during the rehearsalsweekend, a suited-up gala or the end-of-the-year-party. You can think of whatever to make sure that RISK-members will get to know each other better. So get those feet of the floor and start dancing!

Boardmember party committee 2017/2018
Carmen Norder,Chairman

Gezelligheids committee

Next to the annual big parties, RISK also organizes some smaller gatherings. As a member of the gezelligheids committee you organize these! Think of, for example, a games-night, a Sinterchristmas-and-newyears- night, a nice dinner before rehearsals or drinks. Next to that, this year, we are introducing jamsessions. These are nights on which you can improvise with other members, play games, try out some new other theatre-related stuff while everyone brings something nice to eat and drink.  So do you want to make sure that every RISK member has the time of their life during these events? You should be a part of this committee!

Board member gezelligheids committee 2017/2018
Robin Sterrenburg, Secretary


Theatre is a creative industry that is insolublely connected to marketing and promotion. It's important to make sure that as many people as possible come to a play. We also look at how RISK can be known more and better in the world of theatre. And how do we make sure more students come to our plays? How can we show everybody immediately what we stand for? These are a few questions that PR-committee members think about.

Board member PR-committee 2017/2018
Roos Bugter, PR-manager

Treasury committee

The treasury committee is responsible for the financial side of RISK. Als a member of this committee it's your job to check, look after and help the treasurer. You may only be behind the scenes, but your job is one of the most important: because of you, the other members and the treasurer RISK has its business sorted out.

Board member treasury committee 2017/2018
Gerben Dorenbos, Treasurer

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