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Student Theatre Association RISK is always looking for new directors! At the moment we have four Dutch groups, one English group, two half year courses and workshops. Every now and then we have a spot for students studying theatre to come join an internship. Quality is more important than quantity at RISK, and for that reason we only work with professional directors who have finished some kind of theatre education. This way we guarantee our members quality and the assurance that at the end of the RISK year they will have grown in their theatre skills.

who are we looking for?

We are looking for enthusiastic professional directors. It's important that you can handle the diversity of a student group and different levels of acting. We think it's important that the director has an interesting project, but also that the students will be challenged enough during the year: equal treatment is therefore important. This doesn't mean that a director should give each student the same amount of lines, but it does mean a director is capable of making sure each student feels he or she has been heard. Next to being about theatre, we're also a student association, and fun activities for the members are important.

what do we offer?

As a RISK director about 11 students will choose your project at the beginning of the year (and you will choose them). Together you work towards a play. We will give you a rehearsal space, we will take care of the theatre in which you can perform the play, and you will receive a compensation (also for travel costs). Contact:

Chairman Rick Pieters

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