geert vermeegen

Geert Vermeegen is joining our team as a new director this year. He has enjoyed his education for drama teacher at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences and has much experience in the field of theatre. He has taught children at the Nieuwe Veste in Breda, has been an assistent director at the Zuidelijk Toneel in Tilburg and is a drama teacher at Hofplein in Rotterdam. This year Geert will take the so called 'act-training group' under his wing. This group will focus on different forms of theatre and different techniques you can use as a actor or actress. Here you can use and deepen your skills on the stage. If you are part of this group you're not necessarily working towards a product, but you are working towards being a better player at the end of the year. Dependant on the wishes of the director and the actors/actresses there is room for a small production/presentation in June.