Manon van Impelen (1989) graduated as a theatre teacher (ArtEZ Arnhem) and as a political scientist (VU Brussel). She is connected to Theatre Utrecht as a programme maker, and also works as a dramaturge, theatre maker and teacher. In her work, Manon is interested in the connections between society, philosophy and art; looking for the places that hurt. This year at RISK, she writes and directs a modern theatre play based on different documentaries and books. 

The Lost Ones. About those who can only survive with an enormous amount of luck, which they don't have. The Lost Ones is about nine young people and their two mentors. They are in a closed off space, a commune, a prison. They ended up there because they couldn't get a grip on their daily lives. Daily obligations seem impossible to them, they make the wrong choices, they are unmanageable, they can't do it alone. We follow them in their search to get a grip on their lives. We follow them in their impotence and inability, their shortcomings and their desire.