lost in solitude

"All together, all alone, we seek for kindred spirits. We are lost souls trying to connect. We want to make contact. Lost in solitude we seek for consolation."

Directed by Daniëlle Meuleman

Acting: Pauline Kersjes, Maeve Watson, Daan Vijfvinkel, Anne Kamps, Diede Schaafsma, Miguel Ribeiro, Boris Berg

The international half-year group will play this English piece on a very special location: Stadskwekerij De Kas. 

The piece will be played twice: the 18th of December 2019 19:00 and 21:00

You can buy your tickets here 

Ticket: €6,00
Transaction fee: €0,60

Dé studenten toneelvereniging van Rotterdam sinds 1990


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