Our summer workshops will start soon! Each workshop costs 5 euros for one time, and is therefore a great way to get to know RISK. The workshops start at 19:30 and end at 22:00. 

Interested? In the form to the right you can enroll for a workshop. Then we'll send you more information.

21st of june 2017 - by Saskia Tilanus

Note: this workshop is in Dutch. Have you ever had to play an awkward scene? Didn't know how to exactly deal with it? Learn about it here.

22nd of june 2017 - by Alexander 

Note: this workshop is in English. Workshop improvisation! You'll get your hands dirty with your fellow students.

27th of june 2017 -  by Annerixt Pijlman

Note: this workshop is in Dutch. How you play a character can really bring a play to life, and is definitely not an easy task. During this workshop you'll learn how to build your character.

28th of june 2017 - by Merel

Note: this workshop is in Dutch.Learn how intruiging and exciting silent play can be, and how you can do this in the best way possible.

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