Watanabe is a Japanse teenager who only plays billiard and reads books. And he wants to become a writer. But he doesn't experience anything. Until his two best friends make sure that the first and biggest story of his life is about to happen. A story which can only be written when it's over. But: where are the people from the story, when a story is over? And do you betray them if you choose a different path? Books are silent, but life talks back. The past isn't dead, it's not even over. Playing billiards you do with three balls, Watanabe. Not two, not one. Tic tac, carambole.

Written and directed by: Winfred van Buren

Actors and actresses: Marie Cuypers, Daan van Dorst, Marc Gunsing, Jet Haan, Annelieke Hijkoop, Anne de Hond, Lisa Meijer, Marnix Mos, Josje Schaars, Dora Vancso, Zoë Voyle

Note: this play was in Dutch



are you there?

'More than 9 million people live in New York. Every 50 seconds a baby is born. And everybody has to live somewhere, and most apartments have two locks on the front door, and locks on some toilets and bathrooms, and maybe on some other rooms and definitely on closets and jewellery boxes. There are offices, art studio's, storage spaces, banks, gates to gardens and garages. If you count them all, there are probably about 18 locks per person in New York, which would mean there are about 162 million locks, which is an incredible amount.''

On 9/11 the eight year old Oskar hears five voicemail messages from his father, who was in one of the towers. Two years after ''The Awful Day'' Oskar looks in his fathers closet, in which he sees a vase on the top. Oskar builds a tower out of a chair and many Shakespeartragedies, and falls. With chair. Between the glass he finds an envelope. ''What the?'' Why is there a small, fat key, in a small envelope, in a blue vase, on the top of his father's closet?

Directed by: Saskia Tilanus

Assisted by: Sanne Mastwijk

Actors and actresses: Sabine van Buren, Zina Burgers, Jeroen van Dorp, Lennard van der Drift, Ruben van der Hoest, Daniëlle van Kalken, Lisa McCray, Jasper Onrust, Stéphanie Visser

Note: this play was in Dutch



give me a wish I can fulfil

Not advised for viewers under twelve years of age

And they lived... happily ever after? In the world of fairy tales that's a given. But what if fairy tale figures would live in a world where there is enough booze and drugs and a happy ending has a very different meaning? 

In a world without magic different princesses try to make a living in the sex club of the Big Bad Wolf, while Hanzel and Gretel try to get out of the unhappy marriage of their terrible parents. Little Red Riding Hood is looking for a new job, Bluebeard is looking for a new victim and the good fairy is looking for her mind. And they lived... 

Directed by: Han Hazewindus en Lies Roest

Actors and actresses: Anne-Marlijn Versnel (Doornroosje/Oma), Eva Matthias (Goede Fee/Oma), Goedele Waals (Roodkapje/Oma/Prins op het witte paard), Hugo Dik (Hans/Blauwbaard), Irene Middel (Ma/Boze stiefmoeder), Marco Werrie (Grote boze wolf/Prins van Doornroosje), Ouahiba Zahouani (Assepoester/Oma), Rick Pieters (Pa/Oude jager), Sylvia Reverda (Agente), Willemijn Stoel (Grietje/Sneeuwwitje/Oma), Vera Westerheijden (Goede Fee/Oma)

Note: this play was in Dutch




Not everything, but maybe one moment in life is pure coincidence. That the sun shone, and he shot, and nothing would ever be the same.

Stranger is about the nightmare which doesn't have an end. The inevitable, the by coincidence made hel. Not everybody has something to say about how things go, about why the happen. Because not everything has a reason. Because it just happens to some people. 

Stranger is a modern theatre play based on Albert Camus'  the Stranger (1942) in which we follow the main character Mersault. After the death of his mother the unimaginable happens: he murders someone. Just like that. Stranger is rough and inescapable.

Directed by: Manon van Impelen, based on Albert Camus’ The stranger

Actors and actresses: Robin Bongers, Philip van de Bree, Nico Heidari Tari, Rebekka Karsten, Cheyenne Kooijman, Saskia de Munck, Robin Pakvis, Samira Valkeman

Note: this play was in Dutch



Would you like to hear a story? …

You need to say (or think) ‘yes’, so that I can keep writing and you can keep reading. Yes? Yes. Good. Great. …

Once upon a time …

No. No, let me start again. …

I stand here, in the middle of Rotterdam Central Station, in the middle of life, perhaps. And I look at the world, the people passing by. I notice that they are all looking for something. They look, in vein, for something to fill the void they carry, like an empty suitcase. Or rather, a suitcase containing the absence of the thing they seek. …

Do you follow?

A group of nine performers from eight different countries take you into a world where philosophy translates itself into movement and image. Where a suitcase full of nothing can in fact become anything, and where people are reduced to the thing that defines each one of us: that which we seek.

Directed by: Cézanne Tegelberg

Devised and performed by: Stefania Gioia, Aurelien Fauconnier, Joao Carvalho, Tingying Dong, Christoph Blum, Klara Bokelmann, Jeffrey van Sichem, Vesna Lesnik

Note: this play was in Dutch

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