We write the Netherlands 2027. Geert Wilders has been prime-minister for seven years. The Netherlands has exited the EU, the gulden has been re-entered and with that also the death-penalty. Jury duty is a part of that. In 2027 twelve people have been called in, men, women, natives, foreigners, dumb, smart, white, coloured, homo or heterosexual. We are only missing an eskimo. What will win? The facts? Or the alternative facts? All have an opinion. And everyone has a past that influences the decision. And all are susceptible to peer-pressure. Would you dare to go against the masses? Oh, really? 

ANGRY! is an adaption and update of Twelve Angry Men

Directed by: Winfred van Buren

Actors and actresses: Ana Rajičić, Annelieke Hijkoop, Bente Lutteke, Daan van Dorst, Dora Vancso, Janneke Kaldewaij, Lisa McCray, Meddy Karmaoui, Rick Pieters, Robin Bongers, Sabine van Buren, Samira Valkeman

 Note: this play was in Dutch


The lost ones

About those who will only survive with an enormous amount of luck, but don’t have it. Fucking young and hopelessly lost with the impossibility of the daily existence. Wrong decisions, a big mouth and always alone. Shut up is the anthem, not wanting the motto. Until newcomer Tony confuses everything with new ideas and promises. Relations are tested, plans are made and everything changes. The lost ones follows a group of young people in their search of connections to life. In their frustration and inability, their shortage and desire.

Written and directed by: Manon van Impelen

Actors and actresses: Roos Bugter, Hugo Dik, Gerben Dorenbos, Bram Kemmere, Bibi Kok, Marnix Mos, Myrthe Quist, Joni Reijven, Zoë Voyle, Sophie Zwaveling 

 Note: this play was in Dutch



If you are reading this, chances are, you are human. Right? So… are you good at it? At being human? Did you go to school for it, did you read books? Are you ever wondering why it seems so easy? Or why we weren’t just born with instructions and every now and then a subtitle? We are wondering that. So, yeah.

Meet POM. For a little carton impression of a human, he is really good at it. 

Directed by: Cezanne Tegelberg

Actors and actresses: Buket Pala, Christoph Blum, Daniel Fayoyin, Irene Pegiou, Jed Ayloff, Klara Bokelmann, Lennard van der Drift, Marc Gunsing, Nina Bannenberg, Stefania Gioia, Zina Burgers



EIGENHEIMER - The story of hansel and gretel

‘One potato. For the four of us. Don’t be so weird. Your talking like Hans Worst!’

But what if you don’t want to be normal and you want to live differently? If you want to create above mankind and above yourself? Create instead of being created! In this interpretation of Hansel and Gretel, in which nothing is as it seems, we see the true, dark face of the fairy-tale. Is the witch that bad, is Hansel that sweet, and is that Nietzsche, philosophizing in the woods? And whose fault is it actually? 

Written and directed by: Angelika Geronymaki

Actors and actresses: Anne de Hond, Jeroen van Dorp, Jet Haan, Laura Poortman, Marco Werrie, Marie Cuijpers, Robin Sterrenburg, Stéphanie Visser, Willemijn Stoel

Note: this play was in Dutch



RISK theatre proudly presents our very first theatre festival! Three very different acts, four different directors. Come and surround yourself with everything RISK has to offer.

HELENA | Directed by: Marjolijn Gunst

Helena lives in a world where beauty is the highest ideal, where people fight wars over this beauty and where love is more blind than truthful. What does it do to you when you’re so pretty? The gods are celebrating and the war isn’t nearly over. 

MYSTERY FILM | Directed by: Geert Vermeegen & Bosse Beckers

Despite RISK-members usually are on a stage, one of our groups this year made a movie! What exactly it will be about, we will keep a secret for a little longer. 

BECAUSE WE CAN - REPRISE | Directed by: Sander Zuidhof

Us twenty-somethings. We are full of ideals, but we’re too lazy to follow through. We want to impress, but actually we are terrified. We are looking for real friendship, but talk mainly about ourselves. Us: the generation without a backbone. The generation that spends its days with Netflix and sleep. Just, because we can. 

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